Posted by Bill Sanderson on Nov 20, 2019
Marc Giannoni, Senior Vice President and Director of the Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas discussed the present and future economic trends at our meeting on November 20th.
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Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum Bill Sanderson 2019-10-23 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bill Sanderson on Oct 16, 2019
Our meeting on October 16th was brought to us by "home grown talent" consisting of our own members Ed Bardwell, Robert Cerga and Jim Frankiewicz on the topic of trends in digital technology.
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Posted by Bill Sanderson on Oct 02, 2019
On October 2nd the club got a large dose of entrepreneurial vision, a deep commitment to to universal game of soccer and a heaping amount of enthusiasm from our speakers Dan Hunt, the owner of FC Dallas, and well-known sports reporter and now the vice-president for communications and media for the franchise Gina Miller.
Dan hunt FC DALLAS gina miller
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Posted by Bill Sanderson on Sep 25, 2019
On September 25th Dr. Paul Chafetz spoke about the tensions and pitfalls which can exist between adult children and their aging parents. 
Paul Chafetz
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Loving Hard To Love Parents Bill Sanderson 2019-09-25 05:00:00Z 0 Paul Chafetz
Posted by Bill Sanderson on Sep 18, 2019
On September 18th we were visited by District Governor Beverly Grogan.
Beverly Grogan District Governor
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DG Beverly Grogan Visit Bill Sanderson 2019-09-18 05:00:00Z 0 Beverly Grogan,District Governor
Dr. Richard Benson, president of UTDallas, presented the fascinating history, dramatic progress and future of the school as it celebrates 50 years of history.
Dr. Benson UT Dallas
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Dr. Benson UT Dallas Dave Dunnigan 2019-08-28 05:00:00Z 0 Dr. Benson,UT Dallas
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