The American Flag: Facts You Never Knew
Nov 04, 2020 11:40 AM
Byron Cain
The American Flag: Facts You Never Knew

Byron W. Cain, Jr. is a Dallas-based travel specialist on the subject of certain geographical areas in which he is well-versed, namely, the Old South, including Louisiana, CharlestonSavannah, and Natchez; Texas and the Southwest; and in Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Scotland. As a dedicated traveler and historian, he has come to know these particular areas well and as the Founder and Managing Director of Heritage Tours, designs group tours for people to explore their history, architecture, local culture and cuisine. 

He has spoken on the history and architecture of the Old South  before many organizations around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Southern Memorial Association, the Park Cities Historical Society, Brookhaven College, the Dallas Womans Club,  and numerous garden clubs. Over a ten-year period he lectured at SMU as well on these subjects. Out of these presentations has grown an interest on the part of many people in taking trips under his leadership to see the sites firsthand. The geographical coverage of Heritage Tours now spans from New Mexico through the South.

Mr. Cain’s interest in these subjects began as a youth growing up in Dallas when traveling with his family around Texas and Louisiana. With grandmothers in East Texas and Louisiana, he had plenty of opportunity to go exploring in those areas. Over the years he collected a large array of books, guides, memorabilia and information about their history and culture, and also became acquainted with many of the people in Louisiana involved in owning and restoring antebellum mansions. Over the years the scope of his interest grew to include other intriguing destinations of the South and the wide range of cultures in his native Texas.

His interest also include flags, of which he has an enormous collection, classic ocean liners, models of which take up too much room in his home, and college football and band memorabilia and souvenirs – all of which are also the subject of talks he offers.

Mr. Cain holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt University and an M.B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin. He is married to the former Nancy Crowell, and they have one son, Jeremy.